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Our night with Rebiya Kadeer

Date: Tuesday, 11-August-2009
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Our night with Rebiya Kadeer 07 August 2009 Our event last night at Cinema Nova with Exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer didn't get the attention that her forthcoming apperance at the premiere of the documentary about the Uighur leader The 10 Conditions of Love at MIFF has received this week, nor was our website hacked by Chinese nationalists but it was still a very strange week at Readings. As well as organising the usual book launches and preparing for the upcoming Melbourne Writers Festival our Events Coordinator Christine Gordon this week had meetings with the Security Intelligence Group of Victoria Police to ensure the Rebiya Kadeer event would be properly secure and controlled. Not the usual precautions that we take before book events. Such precautions usually involve checking stocks of wine and books. But the event went off without incident in the end and Rebiya spoke through her translator for about ten minutes in front of a packed cinema of interested audience members before doing a Q & A afterwards. Hopefully the MIFF events with Rebiya and the screening of The 10 Conditions of Love goes just as smoothly after a troubled few weeks for our friends at the film festival.

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