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Biggest Tibetan activist group trains youth the art of leadership

Date: Thursday, 30-December-2010
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Phayul [Wednesday, December 29, 2010 12:44]

By Tenzin Pema

BANGALORE, December 27: The Tibetan Youth Congress -- the biggestTibetan independence activist group in exile seeking completeindependence from China -- is training about 50 young Tibetans the finearts of leadership, in a five-day long session being held in the SouthIndian city of Bangalore.

The participants at Tibetan Youth Congress’ (TYC) 11th annual TibetanYouth Leadership Training program include students from colleges inNepal, Chennai, Vijayawada, Vadodara, Dharamsala, Bangalore, Trichy andChandigarh, as well as monks from Sera, Drepung and Gaden Monastery.

“The aim of such a leadership program is to equip the youth of todaywith the know-how to actively lead the different groups they belong to,armed with confidence, facts and much-needed zeal,” Mr. Tsewang Rigzin,President of TYC, said at the opening session of the training program onMonday.

Mr. M. Madan Gopal, Principal Secretary to the Government of Karnataka,Department of Higher Education, was the chief guest of the opening session.

Speaking about the qualities that make up a “true leader,” Mr. Gopalsaid such a leader refrains from using the word “I,” while focusing onplanning, co-ordination and strategy, all of which are necessary for aperson to lead well.

The key quality of a true leader, however, is the ability tocontinuously develop and build on one’s leadership qualities, Mr. Gopalsaid.

The ongoing leadership program is expected to cover topics ranging fromChina’s emergence as a super power and its subsequent impact on India,to the facts about independence struggles worldwide, to Tibetandemocracy and the upcoming elections, and the "Why" and "How" to regainTibet's Independence.

“This is a wonderful opportunity that TYC is giving us to grow asindividuals and community leaders through a training program thatfocuses on enhancing one’s skills and knowledge,” Kunga Dolma, a studentat Bangalore's St Joseph's College, said.

The speakers for this training session include Professor SrikanthKondapalli of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Former TYC Vice-President Mr.Lobsang Yeshi, and Mr. Karma Yeshi, Member of the TibetanParliament-in-exile, among others.

The special guests for the youth leadership program were Mr. TashiWangdu, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of TibetanCooperatives in India, Mr. Choephel Thupten, Former TYC executivemember, and Mr. Dhondup, Director of the Tibetan Children’s Village’sTibetan Youth Hostel in Bangalore.

The leadership program, which is being held at the TCV Tibetan YouthHostel in Bangalore, is scheduled to end on December 31.

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