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French lawmakers to call on the Dalai Lama

Date: Friday, 21-August-2009
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August 19, 2009

Dharamsala, Aug 19 - A five-member delegation ofthe French parliament will call on His Holinessthe Dalai Lama during its visit here at theheadquarters of the exile Tibetan governmentstarting 30 August, the website of the Tibetan government in exile said.

Mr. Jean Francois Humbert, senator from FrancheComte province in Eastern France, will be headingthe delegation from the French Senate (sénat) orthe upper house of the French Parliament. SenatorHumbert was also a member of the first ever visitof the official Senate delegation to Dharamsala in May 2005.

The other members are Mr. Jean Pierre Plancade,senator, Socialist group and member of the TibetInformation Group; Mr. Thierry Repentin, senator,Socialist Party and member of the TibetInformation Group and Mrs Jacquelin Panis,senator, ruling UMP (Union for a PopularMovement) and member of the Tibet InformationGroup. Mr Philippe Brault, administrator of theSenate and Mr. Wangpo Bashi, secretary of theTibet Bureau in Paris, will accompany the delegation.

During the week-long visit, the French lawmakerswill also meet with His Eminence the 17th GyalwaKarmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the members ofTibetan Parliament and the Kashag (cabinet). Theywill also visit various Tibetan educational,religious and cultural institutions. A separatemeeting with the representatives of variousTibetan Non Governmental Organizations will also take place.

The French parliament is comprised of theNational Assembly and the Senate, chosen by twodifferent electoral systems. The Senate has 343 members.

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