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New video footage of brutal Chinese police raid and civilian arrests in Tibet following the March 2008 Tibetan protests

Date: Wednesday, 14-December-2011
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December 12th, 2011

New video footage of brutal Chinese police raid and civilian
arrests in Tibet following the March 2008 Tibetan protests

The Department of Information and International Relations of the
Central Tibetan Administration obtained raw video footage showing
Chinese police, SWAT teams and paramilitary troops conducting
household raids in Dogde township in March 2008. This footage was
smuggled out of Tibet.

The footage depicts the sheer scale of police operations to hunt
down suspected demonstrators and is graphic evidence of the terror
tactics that are employed to subdue any sign of unhappiness with
China’s rule in Tibet. In a huge show of force, villagers are seen
taken from their homes at gunpoint, some literally dragged out of
bed, terrified and panic-stricken. As such, this is the first
glimpse the outside world has yet had of the regime of fear and
intimidation that Chinese security forces enforce on ordinary
Tibetans to keep them under control.

Dogde township, where the video was shot, is a rural area located
near Sera monastery and individuals arrested in this video are
allegedly suspected of having taken part in the March 11, 2008
protest led by monks from Sera monastery and nuns from Chusang
nunnery, both located on the outskirts of Lhasa in the Tibetan
Autonomous Region. This protest, along with an earlier one on March
10, sparked the largest series of demonstrations against China’s
rule since the mass uprising in 1959. More than 300 protests took
place across the Tibetan plateau.

The video can be viewed Subtitles in English
have been added as the quality of the sound permitted. Exchanges in
the video take place in Tibetan and Mandarin.

Media contact:

Thubten Samphel, Secretary
            +91 98050 24662      

Tenzin Phuntsok Atisha, Secretary
_            +91 98050 22510      

Lobsang Choedak, Press Officer
            +91 98822 32476

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